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SoundOut 2014 profile

This is the milestone 5th year of the annual SoundOut festival, and in 2014 we will bring to you the continuation of the incredible bristling explorative sonic arts event. This is the Free Improvisational, Free Jazz and Experimental Music festival to will uplift tired ears, explore the unknown, see within the fabric of sound, unravel the threads of normative musical praxis, and question sonic hegemonies. It will replenish your ears and mind!
With Artists from Australia, Canada, France, Germany Norway, Poland, UK and USA that will combine, mix, cross-fertilize, and move sound mountains to inspire inquiring ears.
This coming years festival 2014 sees extraordinary artists such as the brilliant improviser Jim Denley (Aust) shift the ground on sound perception, taking our ears to unknown realms, while the astounding V (UK/US) dissect the inner working of voice while Melanie Herbert  (Syd) forges new sound pathways on the violin with the vision of experimental film maker Louise Curham (Aust); The phenomenal Overtone Ensemble (Aust) delves into the inner sound of metal rods; while astonishing pianist Cor Fuhler (NL/Aust) explores the textured world of the prepared piano; the sublimely innovative guitarist Kim Myhr (NO) coaxes textural finesse from strings; extraordinary bassists Clayton Thomas (Gr/Aust) and Slawek Janicki (Poland) coax virtuosity from between the fractures in sound; Krista Martynes (US/Canada) takes us into new sonic possibilities for the bass clarinet; dancer Maya Revillion (Fr / NL) explores the sound dance improvisational boundaries; Radio Cestege (NZ) plays with our ears and the electronics of the airwaves; Ross Manning (Aust) reinvents our notions of the sound source with invented instruments; incredible saxophonist and guitarist Rosalind Hall and Dave Brown improvise the nuanced delicacy of sonic play, while other Australian firebrands of the new Evan Dorrian, John Porter, Reuben Lewis Rhys Butler, Richard Johnson and guests, will bring their own special unique blend of sonic exploration to illuminate these collaborative futures.
The 2014 group of Artists has never gathered before and never will again in the same configuration, but they are all involved in an international dialogue that is essential to the unfolding of new music structures and what it means to be human in the 21st Century. Come, see and hear the new music evolve.
SoundOut 2014 is very grateful for the continued generous support from the ACT Government, SoundOut and the volunteers that help with the festival. The French Consulate proudly supports the artist from France in coming to SoundOut 2014 as well as the respective Governments from Poland, Norway and Canada.

January 23rd Thursday, Opening Night
Session 1:  7 pm – 11:30pm

January 24th Friday
12:30 pm – 2pm     Free outdoor performance: 
Curated by Jim Denley for 6 musicians 

For this event Jim Denley will lead a group of musicians to play together outside.  "Australia has unique geography, history, weather, flora and fauna, and all these elements conspire to create wonderful sonic environments. This is true of our forests, Sydney's sandstone formations, desert clay pans of far west NSW, down the Todd River in central Alice, amongst the boulders of Tibooburra, or even close to the designed Lake Burley Griffin. If you can plunge into these worlds and play with the elements, then you engage with the place in a way that we rarely, at other times, do.  This engagement is instantly understood by those who attempt to know a place. Perhaps this has always been one the major functions of music - just as birds delight in space through sound, there is a delight in finding appropriate human sounds to resonate in space.  Inherent in this is a deep listening to space. This complex activity defies easy analysis - it doesn't begin with thoughts, but with our bodies engagement with place.  In this state, the world neither surrounds nor is surrounded by musical sounds – they're intertwined - through the music we can be woven into the world. Exploratory music, in this context, can engage with the listener in ways that we can never achieve in a concert hall.  Let's remember people have been making music outside in Australia for thousands of years". 
map for outdoor performance [click on map to enlarge].  
X marks the area where performance will take place. 
Please be on time 12.30 sharp.

Friday 24th January
Session 2:  Evening 7 pm – 11:30pm
Saturday 25th January
Session 3:   Matinee 1 pm – 5 pm
Session 4:  Evening  7 pm – 11:30pm
Ellery Crescent
Acton, Canberra
Book NOW!
(02) 6257 1950

Adult:  $35 per session 
Concession: $25 per session
Season Adult: $110
Season Concession:  $80
Children under 12 years free

Also SoundOut festival night extension
Friday 7th February
 7pm – 10:30 pm
Special extended night of the SoundOut festival with the brilliant Canadian clarinetist Francois Houle and the Psithurium wind trio (Aust) + more
Smiths Alternative Bookshop
76 Alinga St
Canberra City
02 6247 4459  
Tickets on the door

For more information contact:
Richard Johnson
0411 117 462

Please see Program and Artists profiles below.

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Artists for SoundOut 2014

V : vocal, composer, SoundArtist UK/US
Atticus Bastow: overtone ensemble, Melbourne
Cor Fuhler: piano/electonics, Sydney/Netherlands
Clayton Thomas: Bass, Sydney/Berlin
David Brown: prepared Guitar – Melbourne
Evan Dorrian: drummer/percussionist Canberra
Jim Denley: wind instruments - Sydney
John Porter: alto/tenor saxophone – Canberra
Kim Myhr: guitar – Norway
Krista Martynes: bass clarinet / clarinet - US/Canada
Louise Curham: experimental film maker/performer Canberra
Maya Revillion OS: dancer, improviser – France/Netherlands
Melanie Herbert: violin - Sydney 
Philip Brody: overtone ensemble, Melbourne
Reuben Lewis: trumpeter - Canberra.
Rhys Butler: alto Sax Canberra
Richard Johnson: wind instruments – Canberra
Rosalind Hall: alto sax - Melbourne
Ross Manning: Sound Artist/improviser – Brisbane
Radio Cegeste (Sally Ann McIntrye): electronics – New Zealand
Sean Baxter: drums and percussion - Melbourne
Slawek Janicki: bass/film - Poland
Tim Caitlan: Guitar, invented instruments: Overtone ensemble – Melbourne

François Houle: Clarinetist - Canada

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SoundOut 2014 Program

SoundOut 2014 program
Thursday 23 rd January 
Opening Night
1:   7 pm – 7: 40pm

Psithurism Trio
Richard Johnson: wind instruments
Rhys Butler: alto sax
John Porter: tenor sax

2:   7:50 pm – 8: 30

Kim Myhr: guitar
Maya Revillion: dance
Cor Fuhler: piano

3:    8:40 pm –  9: 20

David Brown: guitar
Rosalind Hall:  alto sax

BREAK:   15 minutes

4:    9:35 pm – 10:15 pm

TBA: Krista Martynes to curate or Solo

5:     10: 20 pm –  10:50 PM

Radio Cegeste: Radiophonics
Ross Manning:  Sound Art
Viv Corringham: vocals
Evan Dorrian: drums

6.     11 pm – 11:30
Collective improvisation from the nights performers

Friday 24 January
Jim Denley to curate the free outdoor performance (see map above)

7.    12: 30 – 2:00pm
Jim Denley / Kim Myhr/ Rosalind Hall / Radio Cegeste / Ross Manning / Evan Dorrian

Friday 24 January
Evening Performances 

8.   7pm – 7: 40
Psithurism Trio +
Richard Johnson: soprano sax +
Rhys Butler: alto sax
John Porter: tenor sax
Krista Martynes: bass clarinet
Rosalind Hall alto sax

9.   7:50 pm – 8:30
Slawek Janicki: double bass
Sean Baxter: drums
Cor Fuhler; piano
Clayton Thomas: double bass

BREAK  30 mins

10.     9 pm – 9: 40
Overtone Ensemble: invented metal rod instruments

11.    9:50 pm – 10: 30

V  voice 
Melanie Herbert: violin
Lousie Curham: experimental film projections
12.   10: 35 pm – 10:50

Kim Myhr: guitar
Reuben Lewis: trumpet
Richard Johnson: gourdophone/drum/sop sax
13.    11:00 pm – 11: 30

Collective improvisation from the days performers

Saturday 25th January
Matinee Performances:

14.   1pm – 1: 40

Ross Manning solo

15.   1:50 pm – 2: 30

John Porter: tenor/alto sax
Slawek Janicki: double bass
Dave Brown: prepared guitar

16.   2: 40 pm –  3: 10

Clayton Thomas: double bass
Evan Dorrian: drums
Cor Fuhler: piano

17.  3:30pm –  4:05

Radio Cegeste solo Radiophonics

18.  4: 20 pm – 5 PM
 Overtone ensemble: invented metal rod instruments +

Saturday 25th January
Evening performances:

19.  7pm – 7: 35

Krista Martynes: Bass clarinet / clarinet
Clayton Thomas: double bass

20.   7: 45 pm – 8:20
Sean Baxter solo (or to curate TBA)

21.   8: 35 pm – 9: 10

Maya Revillion: dance
V: vocals
Reuben Lewis: trumpet
Radio Cegeste: Radiophonics
Rhys Butler: alto sax

Break (20 mins)

22.   9:30pm – 10: 10
Jim Denley: wind instruments
Cor Fuhler: piano

23.   10: 20 pm – 11:00

Tim Catlin: guitar
A: violin
Richard Johnson: wind instruments
John Porter: tenor sax

24.   11:10 pm – 11: 40
 Collective Improvisation from the days performers

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SoundOut 2014 Artists Bios

SoundOut 2014

Atticus Bastow: overtone ensemble, Melbourne

Atticus Bastow comes from a strong music performance background, having studied music (specifically Drums and Percussion) for over 10 years. After completing a Bachelor degree in Music Performance, Atticus decided to follow a pathway exploring the limitless possibilities of sound, freeing him self from the rigidity of music theory. Atticus’ music performance and composition experience ranges from minimal ambient and digital music synthesis (including a large focus on MAXMSP), to arranging for Big Band jazz ensembles and orchestra’s. His sound design palette is similarly diverse, having sculpted sonic pieces for numerous disciplines including Dance, Animation, Film and experimental video art, as well as approaching the computer as a performative music tool in both solo and ensemble environments. Atticus is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT, specializing in Sound Design.

Cor Fuhler: piano/electonics, Sydney/Netherlands

Cor has been called many things: a maverick, a chameleon, a tinkerer, innovator and even traditionalist.  However, above all, he simply thinks of himself as an improvising musician and organizer of sounds, ideas and combinations of people.  Cor has been awarded  the highly competitive 3 year composing and research stipend for experimental and improvised music from the Dutch Arts Council every three years since the year 2000 for his ongoing output and projects.
As a performer piano and prepared piano (acoustically and electronically) is usualy his first choice, the instrument he studied at the conservatorium in Amsterdam in the 80’s.  Since then he has added an array of other instruments to his practice: the EMS synthi analogue synth, the keyolin (a keyed violin of his own invention), the guitar, a collection over over 30 organs or keyboard instruments and various unusual (but usually modified) instruments.  He has been busy performing, composing, touring and recording with his own groups: Corkestra, the Cortet, Fuhler/Bennink/de Joode, devised music and story for "Wayang Detective" a combination of improvising musicians, gamelan orchestra and shadowpuppets. Cor was a member of the eclectic rock/improv group Palinckx, electronics duo the Flirts, Otomo Yoshihide’s ONJO and the (in)famous electronic orchestra MIMEO that brings together some of the best electronic improvising musicians in Europe.  He has recorded for international labels such as Erstwhile, Potlatch, Leo, BTL, Nuscope, Geestgronden, Unsounds, Datarecords and his own label ConundromCd.   Cor has written contemporary pieces for chamber music ensembles MAE, the Nieuw Ensemble, Insomnio, Ensemble Offspring just to name a few, and is regularly comissioned by smaller groups and individuals. He has taught classes at Princeton University, Dutch Impro Academy, the Art Instutute of Chicago, West Coast Conservatory of Music (Vancouver) etc.  Cor has performed at Vancouver Int Jazz festival, Montreal Int Jazz Fest, Victoriaville, North Sea Jazz fest, Umbrella Music fest Chicago, Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf, Perspectives Fest (Sweden), What is Music Fest Sydney, Moers Fest (Germany), Molde Int Jazz fest (Norway), Musique Action (France) etc etc He has played with Han Bennink, Jim O’Rourke, Louis Moholo, John Zorn, Roswell Rudd, George Lewis, Evan Parker, Christian Marclay, John Tilbury, Alvin Curran, Frances Marie Uitti, Leo “Wadada” Smith, Hamid Drake, Mats Gustafsson, Toshimaru Nakamura, Peter Brötzman, Misha Mengelberg, Paul Lovens, Christian Fennesz, Lol Coxhill, Keith Rowe, Sonic Youth, just to name a few.

Clayton Thomas: Bass, Sydney/Berlin

Clayton is a double bass player who's most common approach to making music is through improvisation; that doesn't mean he doesn't make plans - he does, often quite systematic and considered ones. When these systems are deployed, however, is usually triggered by an in-action musical moment, not a preconceived plan of events. Although working with a rather well researched and focused set of language devices - from extended techniques to preparations - he often finds himself struggling with a technical issue directly influenced by the spontaneous choice of technique which he has to then contend with in as musical a way as possible. He has gone through these issues with some of the worlds most experienced and recognized creative musicians, including; Peter Brotzmann, Jon Rose, Jim Denley, Paul Lovens, Marilyn Crispell, John Butcher and Evan Parker to name not many. He founded the NOWnow festival, the Splinter Orchestra and its European sister group SPLITTER. He has lived in Berlin for 6 years, and comes from Tasmania. 

David Brown: Guitar – Melbourne

David has been involved in the Melbourne avant-garde, art rock/punk rock scene since the mid-seventies with such groups as “False Start”, “Signals” and “Dumb and the Ugly”.  The first two of these groups began from associations made around the time he was completing a diploma of fine arts in the mid-1970s.  Subsequent projects include punk jazz band “bucketrider”, ”lazy” an improvising duo with percussionist Sean Baxter, improv/sound art group “Western Grey” with Baxter and Philip Samartzis, psychedelic electronic group “Terminal Hz” with KK Null from Japan, prepared improvisational group “Pateras/Baxter/Brown, electric free jazz group “Embers”, the duo “culture of un” with Sydney pianist Chris Abrahams, the prepared instrument duo “Hakea” with saxophonist Rosalind Hall, the duo “Helium Clench” with Melbourne guitarist and microtonal instrument builder Tim Catlin as well as more occasional groups “The Greg Kingston Big Band” and “The Crowded Foxhole”, the latter with son Louis Peake.  David has performed regularly at the What Is Music? Festival since 1996, the Melbourne and Wangaratta Jazz festivals, the Articulating Space festival, the Nownow Festival in Sydney, Liquid Architecture Festival plus featured performances at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 2002, the Podewil Centre in Berlin in 2003 and extensive tours of numerous European cities with Pateras/Baxter/Brown in October 2004, November 2006 and May 2007. In October/November 2008 Pateras/Baxter/Brown again toured Europe, this time performances in France and Switzerland were undertaken with their compatriots ‘The Necks.’ In February 2011 Terminal Hz toured Europe.  In 2005, 2006 and 2008 respectively Brown made contributions to the soundtracks of the motion pictures ‘Wolf Creek’, ‘Rogue’ and ‘The Square’ composed by Franc Tetaz. Brown has also contributed performances and live accompaniment to the soundtrack ‘Au Revalateur’, composed by Philip Brophy.

Evan Dorrian: drummer/percussionist (Canberra)

Evan is an Australian improvising musician and sound artist. Using the drum kit and percussion as sound sources, he pulls apart the traditional notions of his acoustic instruments and reconstructs them as pure sound matter and busted anti-rhythm. His main projects are Spartak; an electro-acoustic duo that sees 60’s fire music and post-punk drift in dub ambience while Pollen Trio is an exploratory outfit that is founded on melodic song-form and textural improvisation. Alongside this work, Evan has also collaborated with Australian jazz figures such as Adam Simmons, Cameron Deyell and Abel Cross; tireless improvisers like Dave Brown and Mike Cooper as well as electronic sound sculptors including Seaworthy, Andrew Pekler and Adrian Klumpes.

Jim Denley: wind instruments  (Sydney)

An emphasis on spontaneity, site-specific work and collaboration has been important in his work. He sees no clear distinctions between his roles as instrumentalist, improviser and composer. Collaborations, his ABC radio feature won the Prix Italia in 1989. In 1990 he was a member of Derek Bailey’s Company for a week of concerts at The Place London. Derek also included a paragraph of Jim’s writing about solo improvisation in a revised version of his classic text Improvisation published by the British Library. From 1989 to 2003 he worked with the text/music group Machine for Making Sense, (Amanda Stewart, Stevie Wishart, Rik Rue and from 89-96 Chris Mann.) Machine has performed in Australia, the USA and Europe, recording for ORF, SFB, ABC and the BBC. This August they will play their first concert in 8 years. In 2006 he made a radiophonic work from recordings he made in the Budawang mountains south west of Sydney. These recording became the CD, Through Fire, Crevice and the Hidden Valley, gaining an honorary mention in the Prix ARS Electronica in 08. John Shand in the Sydney Morning Herald said of this disc, "This is music at it's most primal, enhancing the beauty of creation." In May 08 He made Coexistence - a radio manifesto of his ideas about playing music in the Australian bush - for the ABC, from new recordings from the Budawangs. In 2007 he recorded with Norwegian guitarist Kim Myhr, Systems Realignment. In 2008 and 2009 they performed in Switzerland, Norway, Australia, France, Poland and Austria. They formed the group MURAL with Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach, and performed in Houston at the Rothko Chapel in March 2010 as part of a tour of Texas (A CD of this concert was released by the Rothko Chapel in 2011. They launched the CD at the Chapel this March.) In May 2010 they performed at Victoriaville Canada. In October 2011 they toured Europe, Columbia and Chile. In April 2012 they played in Beirut, Lebanon. He was awarded a Fellowship in 2006 and 2007 by the Music Fund of the Australia Council.
John Porter: alto/tenor saxophone – Canberra

Born in Toowoomba in 1985, John is a formidable young saxophonist with a deep interest in free improvisation. After starting on the clarinet at an earlier age he switched to the tenor saxophone and never looked back.  In 2003 John moved to Brisbane to study music full-time, completing a Bachelor of Music in 2005 and a Master of Music in 2008 where his thesis was on the avant garde composer Cornelius Cardew. It was during this time that John received his first exposure to improvised music, participating in a number of groups in and around Brisbane. He has since played with a number of artists including Shoji Hano, Jeff Henderson, Kris Wanders, Madoka Kouno, Elliott Dalgleish, and the Stasis Duo, and appears on recordings released by the [Array] and Homophoni labels. John is currently in a saxophone trio with Richard Johnson and Rhys Butler. John recently played at SoundOut 2013 festival of free improvisation in Canberra. He loves playing music to birds and animals in a dialogue with the sound-scapes around him, as it were.

Kim Myhr: guitar – Norway
Kim is an extremely innovative guitarist with an emphasis on using a wide range of extended percussive, harmonic and timbral techniques. He has embarked on an international career with performances throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, China and Japan. His projects include a duo with Sebastien Roux (electronics/FR); a duo with dancer Orfee Schuijt; the trio MURAL with Denley and Ingar Zach; the group “Silencers” with Benoit Delbecq (piano/FR) as well as a piece (CD release) for Trondheim Jazz-orkester featuring Sidsel Endresen, Christian Wallumrod and many others. He has also performed with Martin Tetreault, Anthony Pateras, Toshi Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Robbie Avenaim to name a few.

Krista Martynes: Bass clarinet / clarinet
Clarinetist Krista Martynes studied in the USA, Canada, and continued in Europe with the “Unanimous” First Prize from the National Conservatory of Paris, in France. She received a Masters and the Accademia Perosi in Italy, and a Masters in Musicology at the Paris VIII University. She is a researcher specializing in mixed media with live video and electronic possibilities and digital effects. As a classical musician, Krista toured with the “Orchestres des Regions Européennes” and has performed in the Abbaye de Sylanes, Abbayes aux Dames as well as toured France, Germany, Mexico, Ukraine and China.

As a contemporary Artist she was featured as a soloist at the Festival Acanthes in 2005 – 2006, IRCAM Centre, Maison de la Musique in Nanterre and Theatre de Nantes in France, performed in the Musikprotokoll Festival in Italy, Klangspuren Festival and Transart Festival in Austria. She has participated in a documentary on the music of Luigi Nono in Venice also.

As an Improvisor, she has worked with world renowned clarinettist Loius Sclavis as the Abbaye de Royaumont, Sylvian Kassap and Michel Massot with the Ensemble Transversale 20.21, Instant Composers Pool, Magpie Music and Dance Company Amsterdam, and DesiDela dance company in Paris. She collaborated with sound artist Alexis O’Hara and video artist Dayna McLeod in the Edgy Women Festival in Montreal. At SoundOut 2014 festival she will be performing solo as well in a few new collaborative grouping of musician. Krista is a Conn-Selmer Artist
Louise Curham: experimental Film Maker and performer (Canberra)
Louise is a Canberra-based film maker/visual artist. Working predominantly with found and obsolete moving image materials, Louise’s work addresses the givens of cinema – specifically its usually fixed relationships between projection, audience and image. She works in film performance, installation and experimental film and extensively with sound art and music. Past (and continuing) collaborations include David Young, Alister Spence and Mike Cooper.

Maya Revillion (OS): dancer, improviser – France / Netherlands

Maya has been studying at the theaterschool voor de kunsten, and graduated in 2009. Since then she has been working for Sanna Myllyahti (finland), Arno schuitemaker (holland), and Francesco Scavetta, Wee Company.  She is part of the Poro Collective (finand), and creates there her own work in collaboration with Soile Voima and Riina Kalmi. She works as well with photography inside of Coca Braun collective, and with drawing, on the way to create books and drawing/text exhibitions together with Leela May from Stokholm Sweden.  She is fascinated by cinema, mountain trekking, and graphism, physical research and dance.  She is part of the Tail collection collective. She comes to SoundOut 2014 to do a collaborative piece of dance and improvisation for the SoundOut 2014 festival called Haze. 
Melanie Herbert: violinist - Sydney
Melanie is a Sydney-based composer, performer and installation artist. She performs in 8-piece laptop orchestra Electronic Resonance Korps, as well as large-scale improvising ensemble, Splinter Orchestra. As resident sound artist for Earthcrosser Company, Melanie has been involved in self-devised theatre works such as Room, due for release at PACT theatre in 2014. She has performed and created works for The NOW now, What Is Music?, Frequency Oz, Volta Collective, and Liquid Architecture. Recently, Melanie's work featured in Ghost Hunters, a sound and video exhibition at Plimsoll Gallery in Hobart. Her solo installation entitled it called out was presented at CAT Gallery in Hobart for the MONA Festival of Music and Art 2014.
Philip Brody: overtone ensemble, Melbourne

The Overtone Ensemble (Tim Catlin, Atticus Bastow, Dave Brown, and Phillip Brody) was formed in 2012. The group has been active within Melbourne playing at galleries such as West Space and Conduit as well as festivals such as Slow Music and Liquid Architecture.  Group members have a long history of involvement in experimental music, sound art and improvised music both within Australia and internationally.  The ensemble use microtonally tuned metal rod instruments designed and built by Tim Catlin.  Each instrument consists of between 12 and 24 vertically mounted solid aluminium rods.  Dubbed the “Vibrissae”, after feline tactile hair follicles (cats whiskers), these instruments are longitudinally stroked by hand and produce an ethereal, haunting sound. The long sustaining nature of the rod’s sound and close interval tunings allow players a sonic palette of rich textures and harmonic complexity. Although the vibrissae’s purity of tone sounds electronic, all sounds are acoustically generated, without effects or processing. These rod sounds are complemented with bowed metal objects and sound sculptures, acoustic guitars, wineglasses, hand bells, long wire instruments and re-tuned glockenspiels.  Overtone Ensemble  Microtonal rod tunings allow the group to explore and manipulate acoustic phenomena such as phasing, difference and beat tones, sympathetic vibrations and room resonance. The overall effect is of a shimmering sound field full of internal movement, strange harmonies and complex overtone patterns.  After releasing numerous records and CDs on the new music label INNOCENT and the pop label PRESENT, Philip Brophy created SOUND PUNCH to focus on his film music and audiovision projects. The label also features his collaborations Ph2 and LAZY3. His most recent work involves live music performed to films and videos, such as the BEAUTIFUL CYBORG series and the avant-garde silent films AUREVELATEUR and KISSED. Other live quadraphonic performances are THE CAVERN OF DEEP TONES and THE PLANETS. His current live/studio projects in development include the ongoing FLUORESCENT series of video installations; the live surround-sound performances VOICELESS and I AM PIANO; the live rock event performance STADIUM.  Philip has scored the feature BODY MELT and sound-designed the feature MALLBOY as well as numerous shorts. In this field Brophy specializes in Dolby Surround applications and contemporary soundscapes. Most SOUND PUNCH releases are encoded in Dolby Surround. The label is now in its 10th year and has also now made availale DVD-Rs of all of the original quadraphonic mixes of his projects. Brophy was also instigator and director of the CINESONIC International Conference on Film Scores & Sound Design held annually in Melbourne, and has edited 3 books from the conference published by the Australian Film TV & Radio School. He is widely published in all three areas internationally and has written columns and occasional articles for THE WIRE, London. He is a regular contributor of sound articles to FILM COMMENT, New York. His recent books include 100 MODERN SOUNDTRACKS for the British Film Institute, London - also translated into Japanese and published by Film Art, Tokyo. He has also produced radio such as the series TRACES OF SOUNDTRACKS, commissioned for ABC Classical-FM, Australia.
Radio Cegeste – [Sally Ann McIntrye] electronics – New Zealand

Sally Ann McIntyre is a writer, sound practitioner and radio artist working out of Dunedin, New Zealand. She has a history in independent radio production, and since 2008 has programmed the Mini FM station Radio Cegeste 104.5 as a small-radius platform for site-responsive radio art events. Her work oscillates around themes of site-specificity, nomadism, the non-monumental memorial, the collection of sound libraries, phonography, museology, translation and transcription, memory, the haunted materiality of absent presence, old buildings and other historic sites, psychogeography, the performative fragility of small-scale transmission, bird migration and electromagnetism, the complex idea of 'dead air', the recorded and transmitted history of birdsong (sometimes also as a sonification of a New Zealand nationalism), and the possibility of an ecology of the radio that doesn't represent unstable systems as functioning in eternal homeostasis. She has initiated projects in environments from the most remote to the most populous, such as ‘soundtracks for the city’, scoring urban Melbourne on inner city street corners with a portable record player by playing stacks of discarded library music on 10” disc from the channel 10 TV archives, to a set of recordings of gallery spaces destroyed in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake played back to an artist-run gallery space in another city about to lose its lease, to a series of EVP recordings of extinct native birds held in museum collections, transmitted back into remote wilderness areas of the New Zealand bush.
Reuben Lewis: trumpeter - Canberra.

He has collaborated with some of Australia finest musicians such as Larry Sitsky, (one of Australia’s leading composers) and Miroslav Bukovsky (one of Australia leading trumpet players). In early 2012 he relocated to Berlin, Germany for 12 months, where he established artistic connections; performing and touring with legends in the European/American experimental music scene and collaborated with the likes of Tristan Honsinger, Harri Sjöström, as well as artists such as Mike Majowski and Christian Windfeld.  He also studied with acclaimed artists such as Axel Dörner, Clayton Thomas, Nils Ostendorf and Evind Lonning.  In Australia, Reuben has performed extensively at reputable venues and national festivals, such as SoundOut 2012 (ACT), Canberra International Music Festival (ACT), Capital Jazz Project (ACT), Jazz at the Gods Café (ACT), Jazzgroove (NSW), The Now Now Spontaneous Music & Experimental Film Series (NSW), Wangaratta Jazz Festival (VIC), Woodford Folk Festival (QLD), Womadelaide World Music Festival (VIC).  He has released two albums (Samadhi – 2010, Fractured Spring – 2012) of original music under his own name featuring various experimental ensembles. As a collaborator he has appeared on several albums, most recently Trio Praetzlich/Beierbach/Lewis Trio (pending release in 2014 on in Germany).

Rhys Butler: alto Sax - Canberra

Rhys has come to know the cities he has lived in through improvised and noise music. The trio Dinner Sock (Stephen Roach (drums), David Keyton (feedback), and Rhys Butler (saxophones)) formed from the weekly Fugue State Sessions in Guanzhou. The group performed with local experimenters such as Yan Jun, Feng Hao and Li Zenghui and collaborated with musicians transiting China such as Uwe Bastiansen (Faust) and Lucas Abela. Despite living in different corners of the world, Dinner Sock has continued to participate in China's experimental music scene and played Beijing's Sally Can't Dance festival and NOIShanghai in 2012. In Santiago, Chile, Rhys participated in events run by Productura Mutante and played in the free-for-all Collective Improvisation NO. Now residing in Canberra, Rhys has been working in a duo with Reuben Ingall (live processing) and more recently in a reeds trio with John Porter and Richard Johnson.

Richard Johnson: wind instruments - Canberra

Richard performs with the texture of sound on soprano/baritone saxophone and bass clarinet and in the last couple of years has been experimenting with instruments made from the conical gourds from PNG. These particular gourds allow the stripping back of the wind instruments to their most visceral and most sensuous form and allow for the exploration of the fundamentals of sound production with extended techniques. He has performed at the What is Music Festival, Nownow Festival; the Make it Now performances; also performances with the Brice Glace Ensemble and the 102 Club Orkestra in Grenoble France 2004; “Whip it“ series in Sydney; various Precipice annual Improv workshops hosted by Tony Osbourne as well as hosting local/interstate/international improvisation nights in Canberra and as being the Producer/Director/Curator and performer at SoundOut 2010 – 2013. As a sound artist he was commissioned by the Casula Power House in Sydney to collaborate with renowned Artist Savanhdary Vongpoothorn to produce a 30-minute Soundscape for the Australia Exhibition at The Casula Power House in Sydney 2008; in 2010 he collaborated with glass/conceptual artist Denise Higgins on a soundscape for her show in Melbourne. He has performed with the likes of Jaap Blonk, Jon Rose, Mats Gustafsson, Robbie Avenaim, Jerome Nottinger, Xavier Querell, Jim Denley, Kim Myhr, Clare Cooper, Annette Giesreigl, Rodrigo Motoya, Antonio Panda Gianfratti, Clayton Thomas, Isaiah Ceccarelli, Yan Jun, Laura Altman, Michael Norris, Evan Dorian, Christine Abdelnour, Philippee Lauzier, Eric Normand, Sam Pettigrew and Rishin Singh etc. Currently he is working in a wind trio with John Porter and Rhys Butler and an electro-acoustic duo with Michael Norris as well as working on developing a large-scale free improvisational collective ensemble.

Rosalind Hall: alto saxophone - Melbourne

Rosalind is a musician and performer, using sound, improvisation, technology and space as a mediums.  She is interested in sound as both a tangible and elusive expression, in connecting with a moment in time, the collaborative experience, the body as a vibrating form, states of awareness and the shared listening space between performer and audience.  The sound worlds she creates in performances are bodily and organically evolving, using the saxophone with preparations to abstract and alter the sounds and playing techniques.  She makes reeds from plastics and metals and place objects in the bell that become vibrating objects and extensions to the instrument.  She uses the breath, saliva and gestures with small, sensitive microphones attached to her throat and horn to capture the sonic microcosm of her body and the internal world of her saxophone extension.
Ross Manning: Sound Artist/improviser – Brisbane

Ross is a Brisbane based artist and music maker who works with movement, space, perception, light, kinetics, sound, and technology. His background in instrument building, sound sculpture, and improvisational music contributes towards his innovative aesthetic language. Reworking Duchampian notions of the readymade, Manning’s artworks combine re-purposed technologies with common objects. His kinetic environments construct independent systems of logic, generating automatons of coloured light, electronic imagery and sound.  Manning is a finalist in the 2012 National New Media prize awarded by the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art. He exhibited in NEW12 at Australian Center for Contemporary Art, and Primavera 2010 at the Museum Contemporary Art. Ross regularly presents live performances with his custom instruments both nationally and internationally and in recent years has performed at What is Music, Liquid Architecture, Melbourne internationally Jazz Festival, Mona Foma and the Now now.  He is represented by Milani Gallery, Brisbane.

Sean Baxter: drumkit and percussion - Melbourne

Sean is an Australian improviser who is interested in exploring the percussive possibilities of sound. Focusing on the use of extended techniques applied to the conventional drumkit (both acoustically and through the manipulation of membraphonic feedback), he utilises an arsenal of metallic junk and other percussive detritus to expand the sonic palette of the percussion tradition. His performance aesthetic evokes a variety of sonic practices, ranging from extreme metal and punishing noise to free jazz and the Modernist abstraction of the classical avant garde. He has been part of the trio with pianist/composer Anthony Pateras and David Brown as well as performed at numerous festivals in Australia and Overseas.

Slawek Janicki: double bass/film maker - Poland

Since the early 80’s Slawek has played in bands such as Henryk Brodaty, Trytony, Mazzoll & Arythmic Perfection and Pieces of Brain.  He has worked with many artists who over the time performed at the "Mózg" festival such as Kazik Staszewski, Jon Dobie, Karoline Crabel, Wojciech Zamiara, Grzegorz Pleszynski and many others. In 1999, he started playing with Zdzislaw Piernik, a world famous tuba player. They performed in Poland, Netherlands, Germany and Hungary, and produced a film from a live performance in "Mózg" that was later broadcasted by TV Kultura, Poland. In 2001, he visited Australia for the first time where he was an Artist in resident at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Sydney and, with Grzegorz Pleszynski, produced a performance in which, outside its authors, played four bass players. He performed in festivals in Europe and, in January 2004 and 2005 in Sydney and Melbourne during the "Now now" Festival. Since 2004 he has been a head of the ART ASSOCIATION MOZG and as an artistic director of the annual 'MOZG FESTIVAL'. Since January 2009 Janicki started work with John von Sturmer. They set up Assocition for Contemporary Music and Performance Inc. The Association aims to promote contemporary music and performance in conjunction with but not limited to visual arts, theatre, literature and film. At 2010 Slawek Janicki & John von Sturmer are realizing a cross-disciplinary project "Definition of performance" which was supported by Australia Council for the Arts. In April 2010 Janicki started cooperation with ABC, one of the major tv stations in Australia. 
Since 2011 Janicki has been based in Poland where he runs the Morg Festival still.

Tim Caitlan: Guitar, invented instruments: Overtone ensemble – Melbourne

Tim Catlin is a guitarist, instrument designer and sound artist with a deep fascination for exploring the sonic possibilities inherent in friction, magnetism and resonant systems.  Although his work spans composition, improvisation, installations and soundtracks, common threads woven throughout are a keen ear for sonic minutiae, a preference for physical over digital audio manipulation and a yearning for transcendence through sound.  Much of his activity has involved re-investigating the sonic properties of the guitar through a combination of traditional and extended techniques, guitar preparation and modified designs. These pieces are often drone based and densely textural, “blurring lines between metal machine music and holy minimalism” (The Wire, UK).  Further works utilising resonance, feedback and the harmonic series have employed electric sitar, chromatic handbell sets, cymbals and long string instruments. Most recently he has constructed a set of new instruments; the “Vibrissae”. These are microtonally tuned metal rod instruments, which are activated by longitudinal stroking to produce a sustained, “singing” tone. He formed the Overtone Ensemble in 2012 to perform works using these instruments along with other self-made instruments. He has performed or collaborated with Machinefabriek, Jason Kahn, Jon Mueller, Otomo Yoshihide, Phill Niblock, Mike Cooper, Candlesnuffer, Philip Samartzis, Rod Cooper, The Wall of E Guitar Ensemble and many others. Solo and collaborative releases include “Radio Ghosts” (23five, 2007), “Slow Twitch”, (Dr Jims, 2004), “Sieve” with David Brown (Bocian, 2013), “Glisten” and “Patina” with Machinefabriek (Low Point, 2009 and 2011) and “Plates and Wires” with Jon Mueller, (Crouton 2007).

V: vocalist, composer and sound artist – UK/USA  [V&A Duo]

V is currently based in Minneapolis, USA, who has worked internationally since the early 1980s. Her work includes music performances, audio installations and soundwalks.  She is interested in exploring people's special relationship with familiar places and how that links to an interior landscape of personal history, memory and association. Her ongoing project Shadow-walks has been presented in gallery shows from New York to Istanbul to Hong Kong.  Her educational background and awards include an MA Sonic Art with Distinction from Middlesex University, London, England and a BA Theatre Design from Nottingham Trent University, England. She is a certified teacher of Deep Listening, having studied with composer Pauline Oliveros.  She is a 2012 and 2006 McKnight Composer Fellow. Other grants and awards have come from Jerome Meet the Composer, the English and Irish Arts Councils, Jazz Services, Millennium Funding, London Arts Board, Chisenhale Awards, Creative Partnerships and Awards for All. Recent performances: Shadow-walks: Hong Kong - Around Sound Art Festival, soundpocket, Hong Kong 2013 (residency, installation); Singing In Place – Tempo Reale Festival, Florence, Italy 2012 (solo performance); Shadow-walks: Florence – Radio Papesse, Florence, Italy 2012 (radio art, residency);  Soundworks –ICA, London, UK 2012 (group show); Her Noise Festival – Tate Modern, London, UK 2012 (lecture/performance); Arrivals: Kingston – Deep Listening Institute, Kingston, NY, USA 2012 (GPS-linked iPhone app); Walking with Paul Halupka – C33 Gallery, Chicago, USA 2011 (audio installation); Rembetronika –An Insolent Noise Festival, Pisa, Italy; Café Oto, London, UK 2011 (performance with Mike Cooper); Shadow-walks: Gowanus – Proteus Gowanus Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA 2011 (audio-walk); Shadow-walks: Kingston – Deep Listening Institute, Kingston, NY, USA 2010 (audio-installation, residency) etc. V has duo performance with violinist  A which will be touring Australasia in 2014.

François Houle: Clarinetist – Canada

Clarinetist François Houle has established himself as one of today’s most inventive musicians, in all of the diverse musical spheres he embraces: classical, jazz, new music, improvised music, and world music. He has twice been listed by Downbeat magazine as a “Talent Deserving Wider Recognition” and was hailed as a “Rising Star” in Downbeat’s 2008 Critics’ Poll. His extensive touring has led to solo appearances at major festivals across Canada, the United States and Europe, and he has released more than a dozen recordings, earning multiple Juno Award and West Coast Music Award nominations. François’ clarinet playing transcends the stylistic borders associated with his instrument. Inspired by musical innovators such as Steve Lacy, John Carter, William O. Smith and Evan Parker, he has developed a unique improvisational language, virtuosic and rich with sonic embellishment and technical extensions. François has performed and recorded with Marilyn Crispell, Myra Melford, Ab Baars, Marc Dresser, Georg Gräwe, Joëlle Léandre, Evan Parker, Dave Douglas, Benoît Delbecq, and Michael Moore. By mastering each of the diverse musical genres he approaches, François demystifies music for his audiences, and has become known as one of today’s most engaging and stimulating musicians. François is on faculty at Vancouver Community College School of Music, and was Artistic Director of the Vancouver Creative Music Institute for five years.
Visit Francois on-line at