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SoundOut 2014 profile

This is the milestone 5th year of the annual SoundOut festival, and in 2014 we will bring to you the continuation of the incredible bristling explorative sonic arts event. This is the Free Improvisational, Free Jazz and Experimental Music festival to will uplift tired ears, explore the unknown, see within the fabric of sound, unravel the threads of normative musical praxis, and question sonic hegemonies. It will replenish your ears and mind!
With Artists from Australia, Canada, France, Germany Norway, Poland, UK and USA that will combine, mix, cross-fertilize, and move sound mountains to inspire inquiring ears.
This coming years festival 2014 sees extraordinary artists such as the brilliant improviser Jim Denley (Aust) shift the ground on sound perception, taking our ears to unknown realms, while the astounding V (UK/US) dissect the inner working of voice while Melanie Herbert  (Syd) forges new sound pathways on the violin with the vision of experimental film maker Louise Curham (Aust); The phenomenal Overtone Ensemble (Aust) delves into the inner sound of metal rods; while astonishing pianist Cor Fuhler (NL/Aust) explores the textured world of the prepared piano; the sublimely innovative guitarist Kim Myhr (NO) coaxes textural finesse from strings; extraordinary bassists Clayton Thomas (Gr/Aust) and Slawek Janicki (Poland) coax virtuosity from between the fractures in sound; Krista Martynes (US/Canada) takes us into new sonic possibilities for the bass clarinet; dancer Maya Revillion (Fr / NL) explores the sound dance improvisational boundaries; Radio Cestege (NZ) plays with our ears and the electronics of the airwaves; Ross Manning (Aust) reinvents our notions of the sound source with invented instruments; incredible saxophonist and guitarist Rosalind Hall and Dave Brown improvise the nuanced delicacy of sonic play, while other Australian firebrands of the new Evan Dorrian, John Porter, Reuben Lewis Rhys Butler, Richard Johnson and guests, will bring their own special unique blend of sonic exploration to illuminate these collaborative futures.
The 2014 group of Artists has never gathered before and never will again in the same configuration, but they are all involved in an international dialogue that is essential to the unfolding of new music structures and what it means to be human in the 21st Century. Come, see and hear the new music evolve.
SoundOut 2014 is very grateful for the continued generous support from the ACT Government, SoundOut and the volunteers that help with the festival. The French Consulate proudly supports the artist from France in coming to SoundOut 2014 as well as the respective Governments from Poland, Norway and Canada.

January 23rd Thursday, Opening Night
Session 1:  7 pm – 11:30pm

January 24th Friday
12:30 pm – 2pm     Free outdoor performance: 
Curated by Jim Denley for 6 musicians 

For this event Jim Denley will lead a group of musicians to play together outside.  "Australia has unique geography, history, weather, flora and fauna, and all these elements conspire to create wonderful sonic environments. This is true of our forests, Sydney's sandstone formations, desert clay pans of far west NSW, down the Todd River in central Alice, amongst the boulders of Tibooburra, or even close to the designed Lake Burley Griffin. If you can plunge into these worlds and play with the elements, then you engage with the place in a way that we rarely, at other times, do.  This engagement is instantly understood by those who attempt to know a place. Perhaps this has always been one the major functions of music - just as birds delight in space through sound, there is a delight in finding appropriate human sounds to resonate in space.  Inherent in this is a deep listening to space. This complex activity defies easy analysis - it doesn't begin with thoughts, but with our bodies engagement with place.  In this state, the world neither surrounds nor is surrounded by musical sounds – they're intertwined - through the music we can be woven into the world. Exploratory music, in this context, can engage with the listener in ways that we can never achieve in a concert hall.  Let's remember people have been making music outside in Australia for thousands of years". 
map for outdoor performance [click on map to enlarge].  
X marks the area where performance will take place. 
Please be on time 12.30 sharp.

Friday 24th January
Session 2:  Evening 7 pm – 11:30pm
Saturday 25th January
Session 3:   Matinee 1 pm – 5 pm
Session 4:  Evening  7 pm – 11:30pm
Ellery Crescent
Acton, Canberra
Book NOW!
(02) 6257 1950

Adult:  $35 per session 
Concession: $25 per session
Season Adult: $110
Season Concession:  $80
Children under 12 years free

Also SoundOut festival night extension
Friday 7th February
 7pm – 10:30 pm
Special extended night of the SoundOut festival with the brilliant Canadian clarinetist Francois Houle and the Psithurium wind trio (Aust) + more
Smiths Alternative Bookshop
76 Alinga St
Canberra City
02 6247 4459  
Tickets on the door

For more information contact:
Richard Johnson
0411 117 462

Please see Program and Artists profiles below.

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